Roger Hammer

Director of Security and Public Safety; CEO, Templar Solutions Groups
Christ Fellowship Church


Roger Hammer has 29 years in the high-risk security field. Starting with a degree in Criminal Justice, he was subsequently employed by Executive Outcomes from South Africa where he was employed as a protection specialist for DeBeers Diamond mines. Two years later, he became a Certified Security Consultant and Certified Protection Professional (the highest level of certification available in the field of security and law enforcement). Roger Hammer went on to become the Director of Security for the major motion picture industry and is considered the "go to" guy for the major motion picture industry, working on countless films such as "Any Given Sunday", "Bad Boys 1 and 2" "True Lies" "Just Cause" "Ali" "Analyze This" "Random Hearts" "Big Trouble". Clients included Robert DeNiro, Will Smith, Al Pacino, Madonna. Between films, Roger worked as a "High-Risk Operator" with Blackwater Worldwide, a private military contractor working on high-risk protection details worldwide completing over 24 tours.


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