Natolie Warren

Personal Development Strategist, Licensed Minister, Psychotherapist, Speaker, Coach & Author
InPowerment Incorporated


Natolie Warren has a passion for pouring back into ministry leaders that are constantly pouring into others. She has been in church leadership for over 20 years and has been a licensed minister for 7 years. Further, she has a Master of Arts in Professional Counseling and a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology and has been a licensed professional therapist for 10 years. Using her clinical and spiritual backgrounds, Natolie developed a personal development curriculum to support ministry leaders work on themselves and be more preventive which ultimately affects their ability to lead others. She has facilitated this training to over 300 leaders in her local church and presented a workshop at WFX, the largest national church conference in November of 2018. Natolie believes that emotionally healthy leaders thrive.


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