Ms Natolie Warren

Personal Development Strategist, Licensed Minister, Psychotherapist, Speaker, Coach & Author
InPowerment Incorporated


Natolie Gray Warren is specializes in topics of women's empowerment, leadership and faith. Natolie has a unique gifting and a sincere passion for assisting women grow into their full potential by focusing on the inner limitations and obstacles so they can be healed and transformed. She has a passion for pouring back into leaders that constantly are pouring into others. She has been in church leadership for over 20 years and a licensed minister for 7 years. She has two master degrees (Counseling & Clinical Psychology) and has been a licensed professional counselor for 10 years. In 2014, Natolie developed a curriculum that integrates her clinical and spiritual backgrounds to support church leaders in self development and working on themselves, reaching over 200 leaders in her local church. In her free time, she enjoys watching television and reading while her husband, James, enjoys playing golf. She has three wonderful children who give her daily motivation and keep her youthful.


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