Alex Rodriguez

Consultant / Designer / Integrator / Engineer
Alex Rodriguez Audio


As the FOH and Production Engineer for Jesus Adrian Romero and his band for 20 years, and after traveling and doing concerts for so many years all over North and South America, I gained an extensive amount of experience and picked up a thing or two about productions, big and small. Starting in 2010 I became part of a church, and its leadership serving as a TD, Production Manager, and even a Youth Pastor. Having experience in both production and church, I have gained the necessary insight that most people do not have, the best of which is understanding the valuable role that the production and tech teams play in the church. I've learned that the most valuable contribution that production and tech teams offer is to serve the vision and leadership of the church by enhancing the message and avoiding things that ultimately detract from it. I am now a freelance consultant/engineer in the Los Angeles Area having helped churches like Covina AG, Mariners and Saddleback churches. You can find me on all social media as @alexrdza


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