Keith Shaver

VP Sales and Marketing
Matrix Network, ATV/NLSS, Uniview Tec


Keith Shaver has worked in the security industry for 23 years, with 18 years as VP of Sales and Marketing for Matrix Network/Advanced Technology Video which now includes the Uniview Technology video security products. He graduated with a BSEET from WKU in 1983 and a MS from UT at Dallas in 1997. Keith has been employed by Texas Instruments as a design engineer and by Ultrak Inc. in a security system sales management. He joined Matrix Network Inc. in 2000 as the VP Sales & Marketing. Matrix Network/Advanced Technology Video (ATV) partnered with Next Level Security Systems (NLSS) in early 2016 providing marketing, sales, technical support and logistics. NLSS provides a unified solution integrating video, access control, intrusion and analytics with browser-based operation. In 2018 a new security brand; uniview tec, was introduced to address the cost conscience customer needs. This new product line can result in a positive change to meet the House of Worship security needs.


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