Mike Stukey

Stukey Associates


Mike Stukey has a special passion for houses of worship and has been actively involved in church ministries since his pre-teen years. During that time, he has fulfilled various rolls for multiple venues including FOH/MON/Broadcast mixer, Broadcast Engineer, and Tech Director, and has over 45 years of practical experience in operations, installations, construction, maintenance, and design of audio, video, lighting, radio and TV broadcast systems. Mike was project manager for the 10,000 seat Carpenter's Home Church audio installation in Lakeland, FL. He has worked with several Design/Build construction firms in many various capacities and he worked for a consulting firm in the Dallas area as an adjunct and staff consultant on many projects across the country and overseas including major churches, stadiums, and music venues. He currently runs his own consulting firm, Stukey Associates, located in Lakeland, FL. Mike brings a "big picture" approach to systems integration to whatever team and project he is working on.


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