Jeff Sandstrom

Audio/Mixing Specialist


I started my career as an independent music producer and engineer, and from 2007 to 2016 was the Front of House engineer for Chris Tomlin. Those years on the road were great, allowing me to circle the globe several times, both with Chris and the Passion Conferences.

I’ve been privileged to be a part of North Point Community Church since its beginning, and have partnered with North Point and other churches over the years, helping them train in production excellence and engagement, both on the platform and off.

My heart for helping churches excel led to the development of Sonnet House, a ministry designed to provide church production teams resources for technical training, creative communication, and spiritual connection to God and each other. I’m thrilled to bring that calling to the MxU team as we partner together to provide world-class resources to church teams so they can get better at what they do, while getting better at who they are.

I now live in South Carolina with my beautiful wife Elizabeth, (who is far superior to me in all respects), our even more superior daughter, Stella, and Lula the dog.


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