Andrew Stone

Production Director & Senior Audio Engineer


Andrew Stone here, in addition to hanging with my MxU comrades whenever possible, my day job is at Church on the Move in Tulsa, where I serve as the Production Director and Senior Audio Engineer. After many years of road touring, the invitation from COTM proved to be an amazing way to do what God had gifted me with AND actually get to stay home more with my lovely wife, Natasha. Let there be no doubt, she’s the rockstar of our home for putting up with me for 22 years—it’s only she and I against the world and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Building teams, giving back to the next generation, discovering new processes & systems to help us work smarter instead of harder—all these are things that rate highly with me. The best part of the last 28 years of entertainment and production work is I’ve been able to speak my mind in a world usually associated with double-talk, insinuation, and back-stabbing. I’m passionate about relying on our experiences to push through all that crap in order to bring a higher level of clarity, support, and truth to the church production world. God expects us all to be doing this at the absolute best level possible, love that I can be a simple dude in Tulsa and still have a voice in HOW to actually make that happen.


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